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Updated on February 19, 2018: Oh, the dreaded tax season – Most of us hate it, but we are all in the same boat and have to pay our share to Uncle Sam.  Good that at least it’s not as hard to get our returns filed as it was years ago when our parents fill out their handwritten returns using one of those big tax books (are you old enough to remember those?).  Thanks to computer tax software programs like TurboTax to make life a little bit easier and tax season much more bearable.

But hey, you don’t want to pay full price to file with TurboTax, right?  Neither do we. So that’s why we here at Tax Service Code spend all our time specifically on tracking all of the latest TurboTax discounts, coupons, and, you guessed it – service codes! We also are adding helpful tips daily to save the absolute maximum possible. We try to update the deals here every day or every other day during tax season so you don’t have to hunt around to find the best promos out there.

Here are our top deals on TurboTax through February, 2018!

Offer #1 – $20.00 OFF Coupon.

TurboTax Service Code 2018

    Get up to $20 off Deluxe, Premier or Self-Employed Online with instant coupon at intuit.com (no coupons/service codes required as the discount will be automatically applied to your order). This deal ends on this year’s tax filing deadline: April 15th, 2018.

Offer #2 – $10.00 to $20.00 OFF.

TurboTax Service Code Bank of America 2018

    Get $10 to $20 off on select TurboTax Desktop versions. Unlike TurboTax’s online options, the desktop versions must be installed on your PC or Mac. You complete your tax return locally on your machine and it’s filed online once your ready to send it off. Offer also expires on the night of January 31st, 2018.

Offer #3 – Try Turbotax before you buy it!

TurboTax Service Code Free April 2017

    You can test out and try any of the online versions of TurboTax for free. That’s right, select any of the available versions and start completing your tax return as you normally would. Sync to your Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi, eTrade, or your other supported accounts as you normally would. You’ll also be able to see your refund or taxes owed on the fly as you go through the steps. Just once you reach the end, you’ll be asked to pay for your State and/or Federal return if you decide to file your taxes here in 2018 with TurboTax.

Offer #4 – Military Free Option.

TurboTax Service Code Military Free April 2018

    Free TurboTax Deluxe for qualified military personnel ranking from E1 to E5 or get a special discount of you rank E6 or higher.  There are no minimum ranking requirements – You’ll just need to have a military issued W2 tax form for your service in all or part of 2016. Learn more.

Offer #5 – TurboTax & QuickBooks Bundle.

TurboTax Service Code QuickBooks 2018

    QuickBooks users can take advantage of the TurboTax-QuickBooks bundle discount for 2018. This is the perfect deal for all of you small business owners! For less than you’ll likely pay for your lunch today, around $12.00 per month, you can get unlimited access to QuickBooks online for all your bookkeeping needs and be able to file your taxes with TurboTax Self-Employeed for free once a year during tax season. And best of all, you don’t need to commit to any long-term contracts as it’s pay as you go with the option of canceling anytime.

Offer #6 – TurboTax for Students.

TurboTax Service Code Student Discount 2018

    Check out TurboTax for Students. Now that you’ve moved out of your parents house and are off in college in the “real world”, it’s likely you’ll have to now file taxes like the rest of us. But don’t worry, it most cases it’s a breeze and you’ll be able to complete your enter return from the couch on your iPad. And if you have a simple 1040EZ/1040A form to fill out there year, it won’t cost you anything to file with TurboTax.

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